A live project, the Playful Pavilion, designed by students from Montana State University and Oxford Brookes University to engage the public in examining spaces for sport. A response to the London Olympic and Paralympic games.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Ratchet Strap Blue

A lot of time was spent during the build detailing on different scales. I thought it would be worth justifying that time spent by posting some nice images before the pavilion is trashed by the weather/vandals in its open position on the Brookes site. A lot of fun was had adapting the construction site material palette to different uses. The net for the table was made from debris net, tarpaulin and ratchet straps, held together with eyelets. The ball dispenser is a reappropriated scaffold pipe and joint, expertly cut by Joel. The floor was held together using a novel system of ratchet straps, both for ease of removal, and for aesthetic value. The same ratchets were mirrored on the upper plane of the pavilion, stretching the tarp through its double curvature. The table is bespoke, glued and shaped out of thick wood, to aid rotation of the game 'Around the World', to suggest this mode of play. The screens were each detailed to perform their own functions. One held the bell to sound the end of the game, another acts as a paddle rack. The pavilion was approached from a standpoint of structural honesty and inventive material adaptation and we hope that this is apparent through the details of the construction.

The net.
Ball dispenser. Re-appropriated fast clamp fitting.
In use. Notice the oxidation of the cut metal after a few days outside.
The table edge.

The table and auditori-edge.

Bare wood and blue.
Ratchet strap floor construction. Scaffold structure.

Corner condition.
The bell. Used in its second project.....


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  2. Do you think it would be wise to put some padding or hockey tape on the anchor or tripod hook? I doubt I'll put the kind of abuse the ratchet strap that you did, but I'd hate to have that be the thing that fails in the field.


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